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Let your special day leave trails of positive impact

Simply put, our intention is to inspire and create eco-friendly weddings & celebrations to minimize environmental impact.  Being in the industry for a decade, we experienced unnecessary amounts of single  use items and waste being generated at each event. To break away from this, Loveworks focuses on simplicity and mindful consumption to strive for 'leave no trace' events. Together we will challenge traditions and break habits to create more meaningful and intimate moments where you and your guests can celebrate creativity and the coming together.

"A Mindful wedding  is having an appreciation of the beauty in simplicity and a return to more minimalist weddings"

Love Works LA -


Mindfully consuming is step #1 to an eco-friendly wedding. It

 can be easy as switching from plastic to glass for your bar service! 

Loveworks will guide you in your planning process asking and answering questions like:

Catering - do they offer to compost left overs?

Flowers - can we use locally grown flowers and avoid flower foam?

Attire - can we rent or purchase preloved dresses?

Loveworks is teaming up with like minded vendors, passionate service providers to: compost properly, minimize plastic waste, and provide resource recovery.

Love Works LA -

"Mindful weddings are a celebratory event that seeks to do good by people & the environment"


-practicing eco-friendly lifestyle or having an eco-friendly event doesn't cost extra.

- You don't have to sacrifice aesthetics! 

- Your event doesn't have to be labeled 'eco-friendly' or 'green'. It can simply go unnoticed

-We're not striving for perfection and will never point fingers for not being 100% eco friendly.



The key is to cultivate knowledge, seek for purpose, connect with others and strive to break out of old habits.


This E-guide from Less Stuff More Meaning gets down to the core of mindful weddings. When you're engulfed by the social pressures of hosting a wedding, this guide will be a refreshing reminder to keep you focused on values of love, purpose and celebration.  It's such a beautiful read, it got my soul replenished!  Use the link below to get your copy and 10% of your purchase will be directed to Plan With Purpose.

Love Works LA - Plant with Purpose
Love Works LA - Plant with Purpose

Proceeds from Loveworks LA are donated to support Plant with Purpose, a Non-Profit organizations dedicated to global supporting sustainable agriculture, economic empowerment, and reversing deforestation. If there is another organization that shares similar values that you would like to support, please let us know so we may contact them to be a beneficiary to this program.

Love Works LA - Plant with Purpose
Love Works LA - Plant with Purpose